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Brittany Raup
Former PREP Coordinator
Certified Health Fitness Specialist (ACSM)
Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer (ACSM/ACS)

Lynette's Story

Hi, my name is Lynette and I would like to share my story of my journey of feeling better and losing weight. The benefits are so numerous that I do not know where to begin.

I was gaining weight and becoming less active day after day. I was having an extremely difficult time walking and I had such bad knee and lower back pain to the extent that I  needed a handicap parking permit. I had to use an electric cart to get around the grocery store or I had to wait in the car. My family physician suggested the PREP Program numerous times and I kept rejecting it. Finally, in November of 2015 my doctor was very emphatic about the program for me and my husband. We both agreed to give it a try. 

We kept our appointment for the initial evaluation and I left there thinking “I can’t do this” and I did not go the next day. On November 17th, Joel got up and said “let’s get ready to go to the gym.” We did and we have never regretted that decision since. We changed our diet that day and began to eat healthy.

I am now walking the track, using machines that I never thought possible, shopping without the electric cart, and I am ready to turn in my handicap parking permit. I have lost 41 pounds and I can do things like putting my socks on and tying my shoes. We are flying to Missouri in a few weeks and my goal is to be able to walk in the airport and not have to depend on a wheelchair.  I would like to thank our trainers, Brian, Brittany, and Nicolette for all their help and encouragement that they have given us. The staff is outstanding and always there for you. I also thank Dr. Ballas and my beloved Joel for getting me this far and cheering me every step of the way. 

I am 73 years old; you are never too old to start the journey to better health. 

Forever grateful,

Lynette, Millville

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