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Hi, my name is Amber Brisbone!

Hello! My name is Amber Brisbone and I am 30 years old. I am married to my wonderful husband and we have a beautiful step-daughter. My husband works as a manager of a local bank and I am a registered nurse at Inspira Medical Center Vineland. I have a dog named Rocky who is very ornery and likes to run away to visit his girlfriend down the street. I am the only child of a single mother who was very dedicated to me while growing up. She always instilled in me the importance of being a good person and getting an education.

I have lived in South Jersey my entire life and have worked for Inspira for nine years. I absolutely love my job and my patients. I take extreme pride in my work and I am proud to be part of such a great organization that encourages their employees to work to their fullest potential. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, going to church and shopping. I have recently started to learn how to cook and although I am not a master chef, I really enjoy trying new healthy recipes. 

Please join me and follow my wellness journey!

Week 1

I have been overweight my entire life. I never thought it would be possible to lose weight and keep it off...EVER. I have tried fad diets in the past with little to no success. At 29 years old I weighed 295 pounds, was diagnosed with hypertension and needed blood pressure medication. In September 2017, I got married. My husband and I decided this past January that we would like to work towards having a child. Being about 140 pounds overweight and now hypertensive, I decided that in order to have a healthy pregnancy and baby I must start changing my lifestyle habits. The support of my amazing family, friends and co-workers gave me the confidence to start dieting and exercising. I work out about three times a week with a personal trainer and started learning new and healthy ways to enjoy food. I was able to find substitutions for foods that I loved that were a healthy alternative. For example, instead of having mashed potatoes I would substitute them with mashed cauliflower. I was able to lower my blood pressure and no longer require any medication. As time went on, I realized that the reason I was never successful at maintaining weight loss in the past was because I was not changing my lifestyle and did not have an adequate support system in place. I would quickly revert back to the unhealthy foods that made me overweight in the first place. Now I have what I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

I have found a program at Inspira Fitness Connection that holds me accountable for my decisions, gives me tools to work on my health outside of the gym, and gives me motivation to stick with a healthy lifestyle. With 70 pounds lost to date, I remain motivated to keep going. A major factor in maintaining my drive is accountability. My husband, friends, co-workers and gym staff have all at one time or another held me accountable. Sometimes it’s for the food choices that I've made or how many times I worked out in a week. I do NOT want to disappoint them! I have more energy and am now happier than I have ever been in my entire life. I am definitely looking forward to seeing my continued progress throughout this new journey of living a healthier life. 

Amber & her husband at their wedding

Week 2

This week was extremely difficult to follow my diet and exercise plan because I was on vacation. I woke up every morning with all intentions of succeeding in making healthier choices. I walked several miles in the morning followed by some sort of strengthening exercise.  I spent hours swimming in the pool or ocean and even walking on the beach looking for shells. I worked really hard in an attempt to set a positive tone for my day. Then vacation mode would set in. We went out to eat every night. I had all intentions of ordering healthy options but quickly reverted to my past unhealthy choices. My family is extremely supportive of my new lifestyle so they did not hesitate to tell me I was making the wrong choices. I was making excuse after excuse to eat what I wanted. I felt that I deserved it for whatever reason. I was doing so well! How could I have reverted back so fast? I found myself feeling guilty over having ice cream and carbs of all sorts! I was beating myself up and my self-esteem was shot after one week out of town in a new environment. 

I then decided on my last day away to take a minute and do some self-reflection. I remembered what my trainer and health coach told me. It’s okay to have some special treats on vacation every now and then. It’s not the end of the world and it’s not worth beating myself up and crying over. The key is to come home and pick it back up. I am still exercising more than ever. The day after we got back from vacation I began meal prepping again and doing the things I need to do to succeed in my weight loss journey. I have all the tools for success right in front of me and I am more determined than ever to get back on track! No more excuses this time around. My health coach and trainer will know if I am not following their directions and will hold me accountable for my decisions. I know I am doing well because I am lifting heavier and working out harder than I have ever done before. I impress my trainers with every session I have. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to lift heavier and workout longer than I use to. I can’t wait to see my before and after results throughout this 90-day weight loss and lifestyle management program. 

Check back every Friday for another update from Amber!

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