Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is an area of health care that focuses on maximizing the athletic performance of both professional and amateur athletes as well as the treatment and prevention of injury related to sports exercise. Inspira Sports Medicine programs are managed by a team of trained clinical professionals including a sports orthopedic specialist, certiļ¬ed athletic trainer, physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach.

What We Offer:

  • Joint specific operable and non-operable cases
  • Identification/Return to Play Process
  • Concussion Education
  • PED Education
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Sporting performance improvement including nutrition, strength and conditioning 
  • Sports & exercise medical syndrome identification
  • Injury prevention and treatment
  • Application of physiological and biomechanical principles 

Introducing Impact Baseline Concussion Screenings: 

A new service provided by Inspira Sports Medicine that aims to provide today's top performers with the tools necessary to protect against and identify concussion related injury. Before the season begins, athletes engage in a 15 to 30 minute screening process to build baseline understanding of each players’ cognitive capabilities. These baseline numbers can then be used to better identify concussion related injury and develop a more personalized treatment protocol – getting you back to peak performance faster and more prepared.

For more information call 1-800-INSPIRA or Submit a Request Online. 

PJ Ragone

Director of Sports Medicine

Inspira Health is the official health care partner for the Philadelphia Wings, ensuring athletes receive the highest level of care and always compete at peak performance levels.

Meet the Athletic Trainer of the Philadelphia Wings! 

Alex McDonald

  • BOC Certified Athletic Trainer
  • Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training from Rowan University
  • Red Cross 1st aid/AED certified
  • CPR certified
  • Injury prevention 
  • Rehabilitation
  • Movement mechanics/screening
  • Corrective exercises

Alexander aims to help all individuals that cross his path. If it be an older patient wanting to get up from a chair to the Elite athlete that wants to increase their power, Alex will be there. He will bring his knowledge as the Athletic Trainer of the Philadelphia Wings Professional Lacrosse team and Vineland Blitz Football to aid whomever comes along.

Check out the Philadelphia Wings 2018-19 Schedule!
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