Our Performance Improvement Training (PIT) Program helps take your young athlete to the next level! Whether your child is a competitive athlete or just wants to have more fun on the playground, the PIT program can help improve performance in all areas of life. Come in and sign up!

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*Physician referral is not required to participate. 

PIT Kids
Our PIT Kids program is for kids ages 6-12. You and your child can expect to learn about nutrition and exercise in a fun, non-competitive environment. 

Strength & Conditioning
Our Strength & Conditioning is designed to improve athletic performance in any sport. We teach speed and agility with a grass roots approach, breaking down technique and body mechanics. The strength component will focus on hip and knee dominant exercises along with push, pull, power and core to develop an overall powerful and explosive athlete.
*Individual results may vary

“As a professional athlete there is no other place I would go to train other than the PIT. The PIT coaches put together great programs that motivate me to get better. Each year when Spring Training rolls around, I am more than ready to get a jump start on my competition in the big leagues thanks to the great coaches at the PIT.” – Mike Trout

Team Training
If you are a coach or parent looking to get your team to the next level, PIT Team training is for you! Each session is 90 minutes with a minimum of 5 athletes and a maximum of 15 athletes.

Please contact PJ Ragone for any further information or questions about our PIT programs.

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