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You can choose your own trainer or we can help match you with the one that is best for your individual needs. After a health history review and a fitness evaluation, your trainer will create a tailored exercise program that focuses on proper form and the outcomes you desire. Our trainers are dedicated to providing you with in-depth information on equipment usage, lifestyle management and ultimately, how to design your own personal fitness program. Your trainer will motivate you, educate you and help you maximize your workout time to help you look and feel your best!

Inspira Fitness Connection personal trainers all hold NCCA accredited certifications, are CPR/AED certified and many are degreed in the Exercise Science field.

Why Use Personal Trainers?

  • Education, motivation and adherence – Get the most out of your membership by learning how to improve your body composition, physical performance, heart condition and health outcomes
  • Weight management – increase lean body mass & decrease percent body fat
  • Improve body awareness – improve activities of daily living
  • Sport specific training – train for an event or improve athletic performance
  • Flexibility training – improve range of motion
  • Core conditioning – strengthen abdominals, sides, and low back
  •  Pre/postnatal
  • Post rehabilitation (Physical Therapy, Cardiopulmonary, Diabetes, Cancer, etc)

Individual Training Price List

  Member Community
1 Session $35 (30 Minutes)
$50 (60 Minutes)
$50 (30 Minutes)
$65 (60 Minutes)
5 Sessions $168 (30 Minutes)
$240 (60 Minutes)
$240 (30 Minutes)
$312 (60 Minutes)
10 Sessions $329 (30 Minutes)
$470 (60 Minutes)
$470 (30 Minutes)
$611 (60 Minutes)


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